A Treatment Plan That Helped Me

The first time I saw a Sacramento chiropractic professional, I was not sure what to expect. I had never been to one before, but I knew that it was still the best place for me after my car accident. My neck is what hurt me the most, but there was some pain in my shoulders and back as well. I knew that I had suffered from whiplash, and that a chiropractor was the best medical professional to help with that. I had talked with some friends, knowing that they had seen different chiropractors for various things through the years, and that is how I found the one that I am still going to even though I am no longer in pain like I was.

The chiropractor took his time in examining me. Even though he knew why I was there, he still wanted to look over everything because there could be other issues at play as well. I even had imagining tests done, which made me feel really good about choosing this particular chiropractor. He was able to feel how tight I was when he felt around my neck and shoulders, and he knew what needed to be done.

He came up with a treatment plan that involved coming to his office twice a week for adjustments, and then I had to do some things at home as well in between the appointments. He did tell me that it was going to hurt, and that I was just going to have to push my way through it if I wanted to have the breakthrough that he knew I could have. I needed to hear those words, because it was pretty painful. I kept fighting through the pain though, and it was not long at all before I did start to feel better.