Giving Up Was Not Helping Me in Any Way

My morale hit the floor after back pain set in as a major part of my life. I had been struggling with weight loss for so long. And I struggled to find the motivation to deal with it in a way that would actually help. I finally started daily exercising and changing up my diet, and soon after I hurt by back. It was not getting better over time either. It was a San Jose chiropractor who brought hope back into my life and put a smile back on my face. I needed to not give up and quit trying to better myself, and he helped me to remember that.

I was not fat when I was young. That began happening after my first child, but my weight wasn’t too bad. Then, after my 2nd and third pregnancies, I struggled to get around without huffing and puffing. All three of the kids kept me busy, but I didn’t have time to really work out and get out of the house much. It was hard to not be able to keep up with three kids and have fun with them. I learned that losing weight is not as easy as you think it is, and that was something that I had never needed to deal with before in life.

Pain keep me from working out made me think it was hopeless. Since it wasn’t getting any better, I thought that meant that I was doomed to stay overweight and unhappy. My husband said that I needed to stop the negative thinking and do something about it. He looked up the info to make an appointment with a chiropractor and made the first appointment with me. He also went with me to make sure that I followed through with going. It made me feel good that he wanted to find help for me.